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Looking for your metro card in your purse

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Looking for your metro card in your purse

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Is it possible to take bicycles on the subway? However, bicycles that weigh less than 32 kg and are smaller than cm combining width, length and height ex.

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You can also use the Help Point intercom on station platforms.

To see what direction a train is going, look for black and white s on the platform, parallel to the tracks. Many also have green globe lamps.

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While swiping their MetroCard, their iPhones are somehow coming into contact with the reader, either because they were holding it in their hands or through a pocket or purse, the MTA suspects. When will you fix it??? Some only have trains going in one direction.

If you are an infrequent rider, please be aware that E-purse added online or by phone is available to activate within hours of your purchase. Use the MYmta app on iPhone and Android for trip planning, maps, arrival times, real-time service status, station information, and more. However, areas other than the Seoul Metro areas will comply with the regulations set by the operating agency of the region. Is it possible to view footage from surveillance cameras installed in the subways?

Riders waiting at subway platform

The E-purse can be used in combination with a pass in the event the pass value is less than the fare for a ride. Stand to ib side of the doors before you board, not in front of them. Ask any MTA employee for help when you need it.

Service animals and working animals with law enforcement agencies are allowed at all times. Black and white s at the entrance tell you what lines the stop serves and which direction trains go.

Tap your contactless card or smart device at the OMNY reader on the turnstile. When the turnstile screen says GO, proceed through the turnstile. Carts that are larger than 30 inches in length or width are not allowed.

Share Screen shot from Taptogo. It delays service for everyone. If you do not tap within 60 days, reactivate that E-purse by contacting ORCA customer service at or sending an.

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Take that train back to the stop you missed. Dogs and other animals. How to get an ORCA card. Tips for riding Masks are required when you ride with us. If your card is not validating properly on board, check that you have enough balance on the card for your fare to be deducted. Be aware of the space around you, especially during busy travel times.

About subway fares and free transfers

To easily find where the conductor will be when the train stops, look for a diagonally striped black and white on the platform, parallel to the tracks. Appreciate the enthusiasm, but no.

Select the value, click through and fill out the form, put in your Credit Card and viola! Its purchase price is KRW 2, and you need to pay extra money to have it recharged.

Accessible travel. Transit cards can be used on both subways and buses. The clipped corner should be on the upper right.

Some nyc subway riders are accidentally getting double-charged because of apple pay

Swipe your MetroCard with the logo and the black barcode facing you and the clipped corner on the upper right. We run enhanced bus service during this time. Transfer fare benefit is valid for 30 minutes after alighting. Place to buy the transport card You can conveniently buy your transit cards T-money at any subway ticket office.

Anything that is so long it sticks out of a subway window or door. Some stations have trains that go in both directions.

Tips for riding

Boxes, packages, and small furniture. Finding stations and trains Stations Subway stations are usually on corners of streets. You can bring