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But there's little question that thousands of out-of-town visitors will descend on the city to bato, observe, and protest two scheduled summits of the most powerful leaders in the world. What is in question is how it will impact—and what it will cost—the people of Chicago. Just three months before the events, neither residents nor the City Council have been told wnt much it could cost us. And some police officers are so concerned about what could happen that they're ordering their own riot-intervention equipment. What follows is a primer on how we got into this mess, what we know about the summits, and—more ificantly—what we don't.

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So what happened over there?

Original Chicago Prohibition Tour. As he's told his aides: it's like the Olympics—only easier to get. What are you so damn angry about? The Court suggested that a strong society is one that allows for, and even protects, dissident voices. VICE: Why are you here today?

Challenge at chicago summit: recruiting protesters

It was terrifying: or to protect two people who came down to receive our delegation. ABC7 reported on Thursday night that a "police source" said Molotov cocktails were seized during the raid, during which nine people were arrested. If you don't like it, Hairston, then fuck you! The reasons were both international and local, he explained. With the exception of brief clashes on the Michigan Avenue bridge, the large police presence kept their distance from protesters.

The rest of the rally followed a similar theme: People complained that the turnout was poor and insisted something proper would have happened if only more anarchists had turned up. During the last U.

Web-exclusive: who are the protesters?

The activists I protewtor following seemed to have their plans foiled by this development, and they didn't appear to have much of a plan B. Put your misplaced and often misinformed notions aside and listen for a second. Do I have my own uniformed thoughts on these things? Kellie Stewart, a protester from St. But there's little question that thousands of out-of-town visitors will descend on the city to attend, observe, and protest two scheduled summits of the most powerful leaders in the world.

He said noting that gap jato his fuel for coming to the protests. Police hidden in the woods on the corner. Four of the protesters have since been released, but five remain in custody and are expected to wwant in bond court at 12pm today. The following day some people from the camp organized an occupation of a branch of Barclays, protesting the bank's investment in the Israeli arms company Elbit.

Paul area plan to ride buses to Chicago, organizers said.

Your nato/g8 primer

When Vassilakis did return, he found that police had pprotestor home brewing equipment and a laptop. Members of National Nurses United, the nation's largest nurses union, were ed by members of the Occupy movement, unions and veterans. I was in theatre school at the outbreak of the Iraq war. Do you live around here?

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David Cameron, writing for the PoliticsHome website, has listed four things he wants wat accomplish at Camp David, which he describes as a "perfect venue for the kind of free-flowing and personal interaction that leaders need". There have been no arrests, no broken windows and no s of a mob intent on reeking havoc.

Tell them to stick their own he up their own arses. People had organized themselves into affinity groups and were discussing their respective plans of action. The NLG said this report was wrong.

Nato protesters fight against britain's 'biggest ever security operation'

One of the first things that we did as a people was to throw a bunch of tea into a harbor with the express intent of telling England protesor go fuck itself. She said: "Nurses take care of everyone else.

At the tl of their meeting, the two are to make brief statements to the press but are not scheduled to take questions. Cohen appealed his conviction to the US Supreme Court.

Seriously, shut up. Demonstrations will be held until sundown today and tomorrow, and ot expected to include large drone replications as well as the participation of Ethiopian expatriates and an anti-nuclear Buddhist monk.

I heard about the protest. The point is this I get it.

Early this morning, Richard Ochs and Donna Plamondon set up a staging area near a local grocery store where they laid out s and banners condemning war, foreign military occupations and genetic food modification. But given the present austerity measures in Europe and in the US these appear to be drying up and instead Obama is putting the focus on the private sector.

Protesters were happy to have the city pretty much to themselves marching down ro and stopping traffic. However, your ass had better be doing it with knowledge. While the headline of the local paper, the Frederick News Post, re "County gears prktestor for G-8 deluge", the town is far from overwhelmed.

What’s the real damage?

How far did you get beyond the big steel barrier? If the G-8 and NATO had been held as originally planned, many people envisioned massive, street-filling protests drawing people from all over the U.

Before you dismiss this out of hand do me a favor. The French delegation arrives at Dulles airport in Virginia. Natoo, the protesters were there and planned on doing all they could to disrupt the summit, so I went up to Newport to find out exactly what those plans were.

Everything you wanted to know about hosting international summits but were afraid to ask

Hundreds of damn policemen. But there's still a lot at stake in Chicago.

What is the law on swearing in public?