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Home maker seeking

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Home maker seeking

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Safety Knowledge of the business Seeming. Notice anything familiar? Most of this list of skills is very similar, if not identical to the skills that homemakers have!

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If you have skills from being a homemaker, market them-just make sure to market them in such a way that you show you are a good fit for the job you are applying for.

Leaving it in only highlights your absence and makes your skills seem outdated. Before applying for jobs, review your or hire a consultant to evaluate it. Safety Knowledge of the business Hmmm….

Notice anything familiar? The skill list between the two may be worded differently, but at the core many jobs require the ability to think, act, problem solve, communicate and work with others. However, positioning yourself as a qualified candidate is often a matter of framing your skills in the right way or enlisting the help of Hime who can open professional doors for you.

The program offers assistance with GED completion and other training, in addition to help preparing cover letters and s, and occasionally offers reimbursement for childcare, clothes or transportation so clients can attend job interviews. Writing Your You are hopefully now be convinced that zeeking skills as a homemaker have value, but how do you convince the employer? Your is likely out-of-date, industry practices might have changed ificantly since you left and you might fear you can never compete with younger workers or those with a steady work history.

Seek Professional Help Some employment services, social service organizations and government agencies operate programs deed to help homemakers reenter the workforce. A functional will list experiences in terms of skill clusters and sfeking not have dates or specific jobs and employers, making it ideal for people who have been out of the workforce for a long time or who have never been in the workforce.

For example, your may be sectioned off in the following way: Contact information Experiences and skill seeklng such as computer skills, management, customer service, etc. This also allows you to omit any gaps in employment history in favor of the skill based values you bring to the employer.

Your and cover letter are the first real snapshots of the way you will behave and contribute on the job, so structuring these things carefully is important. Most of this list of skills is very similar, if not identical to the skills that homemakers have!

Former colleagues or supervisors might recommend you for a position or introduce you to other employers who are hiring. If you want to highlight other things, you can also discuss any volunteer experience you did, any skills you picked up outside makeer being a parent such as using the internet, working with Microsoft, etc.

Good luck! with a temporary agency or take a part-time job so you can balance your career and family life.