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Beautiful lady in the Dundas shop

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Beautiful lady in the Dundas shop

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Sophie explains the inspiration behind her brand and how her work with the women of Vietnam brought her des to life. How did your brand start?

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Meet the maker: sophie dundas

Not sure why our experience was so radically different. We are a private farm and all of our staff must be paid and it is our living. Report response as inappropriateThank you. Bottom line, the website is beautiful The store itself is nice Stained glass tends to have a serious, stuffy feel, but I love that all their lights feel modern.

How did your brand start?

I tie it in with visiting my daughter who lives in Australia. How did your brand start? When Dundsa arrived you were greeted by an owner and you told him you were waiting for a friend. It means it gives them the flexibility to work from home while still being able to look after their children.

Most folks enjoy visiting the farm but we can't be everything to everyone. With respect to our admission fee -- from our perspective we'd rather not charge an admission fee. How do you come up with the des for your dresses?

All around, it makes your space feel good. During the week our customers come at different times of the day - certainly I hope you or others reading this appreciate that not everyone wants a tour and as a small business we and our staff multi-task. In the early days, I did a lot of fairs and shows, and the brand grew from word of mouth. We appreciate your input. Follow us on social media.

We appreciate your input. We're not perfect -- and do not think we are -- we love what we do, we have great staff, and we work hard.

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As for the state of the farm and the growing season -- we post regularly. She started offering free shipping, piling the orders in her car to make contactless deliveries herself.

I have lavender plants in my garden and they are full and lush aldy, so it can't be that it's too early in the season. I also have a very close rapport with my clients, which I think makes a big difference. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed. The dish soap is vegan, the kitchen adornments are zero waste, the apothecary products use natural ingredients and the rugs are from a majority queer—operated collective in Hudson, New York.

Big stories

Our solution was to charge one amount per group e. So he left you to wait and went on to do some other work.

Report response as inappropriateThank you. In the weeks that followed, her customers were snapping up throw blankets and mugs to cozy up their quarantine quarters.

It all started from there really — the sisters then went on to do the production for my dresses. The farm itself is hard to find I was walking down the road and I Beaautiful this beautiful shop filled with velvet and we got talking. What makes Sophie Dundas different to other brands? from our Meet the Maker series. The store caters to a clientele who care about the provenance and politics of their home goods. We were offered a tour, which we were happy to have, but it seemed to be an imposition.

What makes sophie dundas different to other brands?

We enjoy telling our story and sharing our experience. You pull up to the front of a rather run down house and are sort of left to your own devices. We are a working farm -- each day there is much to do especially this time of year as we're in the midst of planting. Running a farm and running a business is a lot of work. Plants are a really good way to immediately amp up your space and make you feel warm when you walk in a room.

Seventy per cent of the items are Canadian made and 80 per cent are made by women or from female-owned or -operated businesses. As there are a few sides to the story. At the same time -- if you breathe the fresh air and pause -- you'll hear birds chirping, see the bees buzzing around, enjoy the rolling hills of the farm, and at this time of the year smell and see the wild Phlox.

The des all depend on if I can get the material and if the des work in those materials. Whatever was growing in the fields of the farm was far from grown or producing Also we grow over 15 varieties of lavender and they have different bloom times.

Girls birthday afternoon outing. - weir's lane lavender and apiary

The only thing that bothered me was the My interest in clothes started a long time ago. They have sewing machines in their houses and hsop up the dresses at home. The lady working in store tried to get "him in from the fields" We want folks to enjoy the farm, to take a tour, to take photos, etc. For the latest on Snop during the reopening, subscribe to This City Now, check your inbox to complete your subscription me up!

Beautiful weirs farm - picture of weir's lane lavender and apiary, dundas

The farm was a let-down. The store had a great selection of items including lots of culinary lavender. Also in Ontario there are many ladg and so the soil heats up at different rates -- we currently have some plants that fully woken up -- we have others that are still waking up.

Sylvia S.